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Badalona - June 2005   

In this unique room designed by the architect Antoni Poch, who is always unfolding initiatives in this city that still lacks art and culture, I have been invited to present my recent works.

The tenderest of all is a book. Oh, how many walls we have erected in the name of the The Book!

There is also another freshly baked work on the desire to be like God, a knot of snakes that struggle to pursue the damned apple. But its taste still has not given us access to the wisdom of gods.

The other novelty is the model of the sculpture built in the middle of Badalona’s harbor a few weeks ago: The Star of the Navy. A detailed explanation can be seen at this link.

Finally, I show some of the works displayed in the hall of the Auditorium of Montcada that revolve around the shameful walls that we rise to defend us from the ones who believe as usurpers of our welfare.


ORIOL RIUS - Barcelona


I feel very uncomfortable, from my western welfare, about the people as the Palestinian or, in another time the South African or German, that are destroyed by a WALL that completely breaks their country and fields, families and landscapes.

The more cowardly we protect ourselves with more walls and fences, fortify private estates, look at those beyond the highway out of the corner of our eye, those who worship other gods, or simply the ones who have arrived the last.


The power point Berlin is not a memory anymore was projected during the exhibition.