Model in 1/10 scale


This work is opposed to the obscurantism that has dominated the thinking about the days on the past, the last hemeres or postrimetries.

The megalithic galleries are transformed into a clear vision of the end of life, without fears or occultisms. The death looks us face to face; and atavistic symbols of religion, alchemy and powers join us as a cruel blow.

Alpha Is Omega wants to express that the beginning melts in the end; that existing is an act by itself. It is not a path where we go, but a cry and dance in the middle of the square (I have already worked on this n the exhibition  Traps for a Square). Thus the curve that is manifested as a frontal alpha is revealed as an omega when it is looked from the side galleries.



Here I present a model in 1/10 scale. The work should be 13.5 by 8.1 meters and have a height of 2 meters. The curve Alpha Is Omega, which hangs in the middle of the galleries, is made of neon, 40 x 40 x 80 cm.
  The great megalithic slabs become transparent and turn into a farewell of atavistic symbols of earth, water, fire, Pisces and balances of the zodiac, crosses, rising stars, apocalyptic eyes, sickles and tails...