Maria Villalba Gallery

a inici
ORIOL RIUS - Barcelona, April 2002

I wanted to turn the feeling of empty house – when a beloved one leaves it – into matter. It’s a locket of absences where every detail speaks of what has already disappeared; where orphan walls become an accurate tracing of the border. What front? What war are we fighting for?

The final fight. This does. Unite us all, alas!

This exhibition, which brings together much of the work on display at El Refugi de Badalona under the title "The Houses of the Border", could have also been entitled: "... And Other Tales."

Because reflecting on volumes the look on my/our inner worlds is a form of writing that shares with tales the desire of exploring and the discourse of fantasy.

Thus, this exhibition aims to be an invitation – why not? – to explore the interior spaces and be in ecstasy in front of the unseen and the visible display of the occult.

With the houses of the border I place myself at the limit of what is and what no longer is. And the internalization of these limits is used as a tape measure to take the real measurements of men, my men.

Maybe I'm inviting you to participate in a renewed mystic – agnostic and demanding the materiality of the spirit – on our reach and the not-hereafter.

But, at the same time, while we see the stars shine under the vault of heaven, I also call you to share another glance – more playful and recreational – contemplating how the "moon swinger” rocks small moons of copper and lead.

a inici