Raval Bookstore, Barcelona - September 1999 to September 2000


Later,this work has been exhibited at Maria Villalba Gallery (Barcelona) and in El Refugi (Badalona) (image below)


Of Bull and Sickle is both a tribute to September 11 and a symbol of the October Revolution, without which – just like that without the French Revolution, the Catalan Revolt or the Rebellion of the Remences – we would not be where we are.

In this great bull skin there is a triangular piece that doesn’t fit, but might fit. It looks like an echo of "dialoguen, por favor" (talk, please). But it came much earlier, as a lament of the disenchantment of intransigence and oblivion.

This triangular piece is scalene, irregular, uncomfortable. It is part of the speech of the exhibition in Can Sisteré, where I proposed to unravel the hidden rebellion of this geometric form that, breaking all symmetries, makes the foundations of paralysis and power collapse.


Photographies by Josep Maria Cortina