L'AUDITORI Hall- Montcada i Reixac-Barcelona
April 2004

a inici
ORIOL RIUS - Barcelona

This exhibition focuses on the work The Wall, also called Utopia II, which is presented in a power point demo, below these lines.

clicar per a power point
This sculpture is a very distinct variant of Utopia I, which can be found at Vila d’Esparreguera Park. Nevertheless, they both share the effect of the perspective that gives us the impression of achieving the utopian squaring the circle.

The Wall wants to be a tribute to all who suffer and have suffered the brutality of a wall that mows their everyday life, separating them from family and friends and braking in two or more pieces their land  – like in Palestine or in the Germany of the nearly eternal postwar (see my website breakdownthewalls.net).

The Wall also represents the fences that protect the elite neighborhoods of Brazil and Chile ... and also in our home.

But The Wall is, at the same time, a reflection that goes beyond the barriers created by men. For many years, I have been obsessed by a picture of Albert Camus in which he sees/imagines the men faced against a wall, unable to go further or to see what is there.

Other works and models around The Wall are also presented in this exhibition. Some are a reflection on the inability to know ourselves. The same that led us to turn our ignorance and fears into gods.

In these small works, walls and gods stumble and collapse. The pyramid of the moon falls and the clusters that governed our homes, like images of saints and virgins, join together the slow decline of gods.

a inici