College of Architectural Technicians, Barcelona - 2000  

Wandering Around the Huge Delta comes from the Bosnian war. The works in this exhibition revolve around a delta made of lead:

The delta that had to be a paradise is the setting of long processions of caravans on the way to exile. Like in Uganda, Albania, and a bunch of years ago, in Palestine...

I do not know why I always imagined that the paradise would be located on a delta; perhaps for the fertile plains where rivers dye. I often wander around the river Ter’s delta, between fields of apple trees. Alas, the apple! We would have been expelled from the paradise because of it!

Never have there been any paradise, nor do I think that one is expecting us in the hereafter.

So I imagine the lead material, coarse, terrestrial, and I hammer it, thinking that at least here on earth, it is still possible.


ORIOL RIUS - Barcelona

Guttmann Institute

model in iron, 53 x 50 x 3 cm - 2000

WATERWHEEL OF WISHES is a metamorphosis of wheel chairs for disabled people.

I wanted to turn this necessary wheel into a wanted wheel of hopes and wishes. Like an eastern prayer wheel, where the wind machine – or our machine driven by water – becomes an extension of will and strength.

a inici