ORIOL RIUS, sculptor

The six hands that made the work: Iván, Oriol and Manel
Manel Espejo, Oriol Rius and Iván Lago, interviewed by Radio City of Badalona

Designers Enric Folch and Úrsula Solans are the authors of the exquisite logo of Marina Badalona - which I was allowed to call Star of the Marine.

Without you, this sculpture had never had the inner strength to talk about stars and sailors.


The sculpture was built in a very short time (one month and ten days) thanks to the commitment of Jaume Vidal (Vidal Metal·lúrgics, SA of Esparreguera), as well as FCC Construcción SA. I already had the pleasure to collaborate with Jaume Vidal in the sculpture placed in Park de la Vila of Esparreguera.

Star of the Marine was placed on 5 May 2005.

I greatly appreciate the technician of FCC and former coworker, Joan Bosch, who was aware of my work and helped me to get in touch with the first authors of this sculpture.

Oriol Rius and Jaume Vidal, constructor of the work in cor-ten