Star of the Marine is a work in cor-ten steel and concrete and eight meters of high. It is located in front of the captain of Badalona’s harbor.

The work is made of three large steel pipes that characterize the sculpture, a large steel cube that serves as a base and many prisms of concrete surrounding the pins. They come to suggest a sailing boat crashed against the reefs, which still stands proud and right to draw its shadow with the shape of a kite.

The work has been designed so that in the summer solstice at noon the sun’s shadow projected by the sticks draws the star that is the logo of Marine SA – which is in charge of Badalona’s harbor. This result is observable with greater or lesser degree for a month and a half before and after the solstice.

The sculpture is a work made by six hands. It is based on an Els autors initial proposal of engineers Manel Espejo and Ivan Lago. In this proposal, the star logo could only be seen from a bird's-eye view. They invited me to colaborate and I proposed to amend certain aspects: add the cubes of concrete and set the sticks and the whole work to draw the star of the Marine with their shadows.

Stuck on the reefs,
with its lute wrecked
and its Latin sail ripped
it still stands proud.
The shadow of the mast
in the threshold of summer,
when the star declines,
describes on the cover:
the Star of the Marine.

O.R. Badalona, 2005

Estel de la Marina
Detalls Estel de la Marina
Buscant l'ombra
Maqueta constructiva

Yatch dock and fishing harbor of Badalona, May 2005
  A inici