Can Sisteré, Sta. Coloma de Gramenet; Àmbit Gallery, Barcelona - 1999

The asymmetry of scalene triangles is what captivated me. Breaking the symmetry is a desire for rebellion; or the result of a rebellious attitude. The power has always bet on symmetry. The Parthenon, the Capitol, the facade of our Llotja, the Twin Towers, cathedrals… are/were a demonstration of power and strength.

The geometry of this triangle is troublesome and impertinent. Nonconformist. Rebel. Hidden In one way, perhaps, as the figures of El Greco. Philip II had never seen them. The established power needs a more balanced and stable iconography.

The scalene triangle is the architectonic mesh of Cubism and Expressionism. My variations around this triangle want to present a tribute to the art rejected by power: to the acute figures of Kirchner, to the ‘degenerate' brushstroke of Kokotschka, to the Guernika’s runaway horse.

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