Gabinet d'Estudis Econòmics. Barcelona


  Broken Rock has its origins in the rocks that always amaze me when I walk through the mountains of Cerdanya and elsewhere. They are my little photo safari. I am captivated by the shadow of the cracks, the cutting sometimes tortured sometimes done with a knife. I get caught by the hidden forces that have cracked them. The forces that knock down giant mountains until they are turn into a valley.

The shadows here were mutated in cracks of light, as the magma that erupts from the fire inside the Earth.

And cracks have drawn a broken line that, if was put horizontally, would reveal a chart similar to the evolution of the stock market or other economic indicators.

Half casual, half-willed, Broken Rock is an allegory of my work the past three decades, divided between chisels and numbers, governance and brushes and some melodies.

    Broken Rock (240 x 60 x 60 cm, copper and stainless steel, December 2008).  
  The economist Pere Lleonart, which for some friends is still Pere de la Barca, and the architect Angels Garcia, his wife, invited me to make a work for their study.

This work emerged because of a law of contraries: true friendship is unbreakable.