Exhibition in Sant Esteve d'en Bas, July 2008



Sounds of the Lotus Flower springs up from the close relationship I have with music, which fulfills and captures good and long periods of time of an incipient my other self, Oriol R. Camps, who is working in musical composition. 

Sounds of the Lotus Flower looks for a combination of hearing and look. It is a audible work that can be “percudida” by the audience with sticks, triggering the chaos of harmonics that are hidden within the plates. 

It also conceals, half confused throughout the work, the gothic ‘G’ of the G clef.

    Sounds of the Lotus Flower 170 x 250 x 250 cm, copper plates and painted copper (2008).    

Sounds of the Lotus Flower has been exposed for the first time in the church of Sant Esteve d'en Bas (in the Garrotxa region of northeastern Catalonia), in July 2008, in a series of exhibitions and conferences in churches throughout the Girona’s regions.

Sounds of the Lotus Flower, together with Sounds of the Labyrinth of the Seven Heavens wants to be a tribute to Kandisnky and his book of poems called "Sounds" (Klänge).

This work was born of a “querència de so”, a disharmony orchestrated by the juxtaposition of the dishes. It was at the end that the work emerged, as if it had always been clear, the lotus flower that extends leaves and flowers over the lakes to better capture the sun's rays.

Perhaps this lotus flower will become a collector of harmonies and disharmonies that wander around universe.