ORIOL RIUS - July 2001

A park
for a sculpture,
a sculpture
for a park.

The space rejected
by the promoters,
in the back of the houses, lanky and uneven...
that’s what was left to the Park.
¿Can two curves
an invertebrate space?
The sculpture
needed a park
to catch air.
And the park, a sculpture
to gravitate around it.
But how to decipher
the circle and square
encrypted in the curves,
without the long carpet
of the park?
how to discover
these angles?
So different
without their slopes
With Photoshop
I removed
the houses in the background.
Over the years,
they will be removed by the trees.
by squaring
the circle,
we are almost blocked out
from the environment.
And we are bewitched, contemplating
the game
of curves.
Or asking ourselves:
Alternative power point presentation
clicar per a power point

This work was originally conceived for Camp de la Bota. On the wall there was an evocation of the impact of the shootings, and the title of the work was "The Last Look: The Sea (To Icaria)",  by alluding to the utopian socialists of that cabetian community that was established near that site decades before the shootings. It was presented for the first time in the exhibition “Imaginary Seas” in 1996 at Hospital del Mar.

Since then, I called Utopia these two curves that seem to defy the impossible squaring the circle. These curves occurred to me when I went to the house of Bellcaire d’Empordà months before, while I was thinking about a cube.

Strolling along the beaches of Poble Nou – where my workshop is placed – I associated them to the shootings of war and postwar respectively. Those hatreds could hardly be removed permanently; but with these two curves – the utopia of squaring the circle – it became somehow possible.

But the council of Esparreguera was who finally became really interested in this work, through sculptor colleagues of the group Espai Compartit. Esparreguera has always been a melting pot of utopian people and I am proud to be a part of it.

The last look: the sea.
Their eyes were covered
and they no longer could see it. Silent witnesses
– indelible notaries of the facts, still present at the place – curling up,
gunned down.
a inici